Leverage the Benefits of Digital Marketing to your Business


Businesses are now taking the advantage of the growing community of digital age. People are now found of using their smartphones, tablets, computer and other internet enabled electronic devices for their everyday lives. We are now at the generation where people can have their own voice and power in the digital world. Resulting for companies, regardless of them being established or just starting up, to invest and produce their own digital marketing campaigns.

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Trader’s Logbook Philippines Stock Market Stocks Worth Watching December 16 – 20, 2013


Last whole week for the year 2013 and so far this past few weeks has been a disappointment for the traders as our index continue to fall. The recent fall has now confirmed the wave 4 we have drawn for our Elliot Wave Analysis last week. This week we have chosen some stocks. This doesn’t mean these stocks will go up strong this week but rather a word of caution if you have these stocks on your portfolio or if you are planning to buy. These stocks are PGOLD, SCC, SM, SMPH and AGI.

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