Fukuda Android Smart Box Review (FSBX-4Q2G16)


Being a big fan of multimedia, I’ve been in the lookout for the best player out there. And today, I have the chance to review Fukuda’s Android Smart Box. This box makes your tv smarter and allows you to use it like a big computer (Big monitor) and a very small CPU computer. Affordable and powerful, this box would surely be a good Christmas present. Here’s my review of Fukuda Android Smart Box.

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Fukuda Android Tablet Review – FCT-93RK8


It is not everyday that we hear a local Filipino electronics brand that is affordable and with good quality, Fukuda surely makes us proud to have a local brand of our own that has expanded internationally to Jakarta. Their electronics range from different household appliances to cameras and tablets, they’re always expanding their product line. Looking at their price list and specs, this tablet should be your December gift list! It’s slim, sleek and modern! Here’s my review of Fukuda Android Tablet FCT-93RK8:

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Leverage the Benefits of Digital Marketing to your Business


Businesses are now taking the advantage of the growing community of digital age. People are now found of using their smartphones, tablets, computer and other internet enabled electronic devices for their everyday lives. We are now at the generation where people can have their own voice and power in the digital world. Resulting for companies, regardless of them being established or just starting up, to invest and produce their own digital marketing campaigns.

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