You won’t be able to Develop all your Domain Names – a Response to Domain Shane’s Reality Check

You are not going to develop all domain namesI follow a lot of people who write in Domaining, as a matter of fact, I see to it that I get thru all the reading list in Domaining every day. One thing that really caught my eye was Domain Shane’s blog post on a reality check that we’re not going to be able to develop all of our domains. This is really a good reality to show all the domainers and those looking to invest in domain names.

Domain Shane’s one of my favorite read because he gives a good realistic view of what he experiences minus the sugar coating (I’m not saying everyone does). He gives the negatives, as well as the positive of being in the domain game. Domain Shane’s recent post has really set a good view of what domaining is.

You are not developing all your domains

You’re not going to be able to develop all your domain names!

I absolutely agree to what he has to say, recently I had to learn it the hard way. We all want to monetize our domains, but what we find is that we can only do that if we were to do tons of small minisites which isn’t really going to make so much money. What I saw was that somehow time spent building the website is relative to the earnings of the website (taking into account its a good domain with low competition). I’m considering dropping a lot of domains to ensure that I make the most of my revenues, it’s useless to keep domains that don’t make much money unless its really a good domain with low competition. For those who are looking to start in domain investing, make sure that you focus in a few investments than invest to too many domains that you have no way of monetizing.

That’s what I like about the Domaining industry, people are friendly and they offer really great insights to the industry. So be realistic and focus on a few than get a lot that have no value.

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