workoutboxlogoWorkoutBox is a new website that I found while surfing the web. I find it really useful for people who maybe new or an expert in the field of working out. In a nutshell, WorkoutBox helps users connect with people who would want or loves working out by providing all necessary details on the how-to’s to tips and tricks to even the whole guide of doing the workout routine. I have had a similar website idea (Do-It-Yourself Workout Routine) that I’ve posted before which is pretty similar to this. What’s great about it…

…is that it allows users to choose their level, which are Rookie, Team Player, Tough Guy, and Arnie (Yup that’s right Arnold’s the toughest level). They’ve split the contents into 2, one is Workout Routines and the other is Exercises. What’s great is how categorized contents are and how easy it is to find what you’re looking for in the lease amount of time.

Exercises are grouped into different muscle or location (Home / Gym) groups. And the best thing about this website, it has the complete detailed instructions on:

  • How to do the workout
  • Video manual
  • What muscles are worked out
  • Even tips that users give
  • Recommended level of user that does the workout

Workout Routines are a group of exercises that people do to achieve a certain goal (example: Strength building Program), it is categorized into different targets (Muscle building, fat burning etc.). What’s great about it is that if you’re looking for a routine that you could do as opposed to individual exercises, this is just the thing for Rookie / Team Player levels.

The Forum also serves as the Q&A section of workout, routines, guides. And there’s also a training guide for Rookies to learn how to get started to working out. The forum is still pretty empty right now as the website is new, but I believe the more social interactions that happens there the better the resource will become.

Overall, I love the Ajax element of it on certain parts, which saves me time loading a whole page for a certain info. The video element also clears a lot of questions and gives you the right directions on how to do the exercise properly. This website does a great job eliminating the need for personal trainers and I will be using this personally for my own Workout routines.

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