whyparklogoBeing a domain name investor, I’ve tried parking to find that it only pays out $0.02 per click (normally, there are exceptions). I’ve recently written a post on how parking is not the best way to monetize a domain name, and found that we should be doing other means to earn more out of our domain names. I then found a website called WhyPark, (as the name suggests) it is a website that offers an alternative to domain name parking. What’s really cool about it…

… is that it uses a different approach, where you get to customize your website so that it doesn’t look like a traditional parked domain name. You get to control the following criteria:

  • Layout
  • Monetization Method
    • Cost per action – Affiliate marketing
    • Cost per click
    • Inline Cost per click
    • Sell direct advertisements to advertisers
  • Size of website
  • Pages
  • Links
  • Images

This is very important so that your domain name doesn’t look spammy and will contain relevant contents that will attract search engines thus increases your organic search. I believe this is very important these days as internet users are getting wiser and search engines are getting more aware of parking and would make it lower (or non existent) in search results. It is a very effective means that Parked.com even acquired WhyPark recently in this news. What’s in it for the users with this acquisition? Well they offer freemium services now, offering a free option for users to enjoy.

whyparkscreenshot— Sample WhyPark Layouts —


As you can see, they layout is more of a website / blog as opposed to a page full of advertisements. Monetization will definitely be higher as click through rates are higher (better content and advertisements) and different avenues of monetization are offered. The backend interface is also very well designed and user friendly (minimalist design) with analytics installed to track stats and the page editor is a drag and drop based system which is really easy to use.

Overall, I think this a really good alternative to domain name parking. It allows, even beginners, to start managing their domain names using their system. With a clean and minimalist interface, this will surely get a lot of people to think about investing in domain names. Their recent acquisition is proof of their successful concept, and I, for one, believe this is will be the next Domain Name Parking.

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