Some might think they can get away with online marketing without having their own website, you probably can, but the problem is that a lot of your efforts might be wasted. Why? It is because the purpose of the all the social media profiles you have is to pull them to a website that has more information. Having a Facebook or Twitter account allows you to share very limited information, it is really to entice and attract their attention. So if you’re still deciding whether or not to have a website for your business, here’s our reasons why you need a website for your business for Online Marketing:


Why your Business Needs a website for Online Marketing


Why your Business needs a Website for Online Marketing



credibility website for online marketing

Having a website itself is an asset and an investment for a business, everyone knows that. It shows that you’re serious and that you’re not just some fly-by-night business. Anyone can open a Social Media Account but it takes more to make a website. Think of it this way, imagine if you heard about this company, what would be your first action if you want to know more? You’d be searching Google with their company name right? What would you think when you see an official business website with all the information vs a Facebook Page or Multiply website? Credibility surely makes a website a very important factor. To help you improve your credibility, we have Graphics Design Services like logos or web banners that can help.


Controlled Environment

controlled environment websites for online marketing

You can open many social media accounts, but like every account listed the design and theme is uniform (all accounts look the same). But this does not give your business justice, your product or service might look better with a different theme or with a different color scheme? Also, using free website providers or social media subjects you to their terms, which means if they decide to suspend or ban your account you can’t do anything (imagine if they shutdown? Your whole profile goes away too). Nothing is free in this world right? But enough about that, I’ll tell you more what you can control:

  • Theme – You can design your website the way you see fit, you have control on how you want it to look. It’s up to you to make it look lively, exciting or whatever you think will be effective.
  • Information – The most important thing for any business is being able to control the information that your visitors see. This is the part that converts visitors to customers, so do think carefully what information you push to your visitors. From adding the appropriate products / services pages to having write-ups, you are in complete control.
  • Call to Action – What’s important is what your visitors do after they visit your website. You are in control of this, you can make them contact you, purchase, inquire, you can do this via the theme and information.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

seo websites for online marketing

SEO is simply a way to optimize your website so that you appear as high as you can when someone searches for a particular keyword. When you are featured in news websites or blogs, they usually link back to your website and this is a good way to optimize your websites on Search Engines. Also, imagine if you owned a burger place and someone was looking for the “best burgers in Manila”, if you’re not in the first page then you’ll find that you won’t get as much visitors. I’ll explain this further later on, as it is a big topic, the main thing is that it’s best to lead visitors to a page that you’re in control of. For those looking for more solutions on SEO, my other website offers affordable and quality SEO Services.



measurement websites for online marketing

How do you know if your Online Marketing works? With your own website, you can install metrics like Google Analytics which gives you a deeper insight as to how your website performs. It tells you visitors information (this can go as deep as time spent, which pages they visited most etc.), and referring websites, which gives you a good idea which part of your online marketing works best. You’ll find out more by playing around the metrics, this is best to use on:

  • To check if you’re getting a return on your investment (ROI) on your advertising or promotional efforts
  • To check if your pages are effective with your visitors
  • To check if there’s anything more you can improve on or efforts to push further


Do you have your own website? Anything you can add on Why your Business needs a Website for Online Marketing?

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