why would you sell your domainDomainers are all known for their huge conversions on their domain sales, but is that what making money with domains means? I don’t believe it is, as a developer there are other ways to make money than giving away those precious domains to others. So why would you sell those domains?

… I’m more of a developer than a domainer, I see the value of domains as when they are developed into a website than just being a domain. This is what I use to guide me into investing into domains, it’s the question “What could I develop out of it?” that I answer.

idea and a project to make money in domains— An idea and a Project is all it takes —

There are many constraints and rules that domainers will tell you, but that is all worthless once the domain is developed. Just look at Facebook, if the founder came up to them before the website was developed, domainers would simply ignore him, But how about today? My point is that being a developer, don’t waste your domains waiting for the right buyer to come along and buy that off you. Why would you want to do that? You could develop it and make a decent residual income of it with very minimal maintenance or work.

Now I’m not saying that domaining is crap, I believe otherwise, its a great industry that makes people very rich (I mean really rich) but that’s just not really me or for others. Everyone in domaining has their own style or technique that makes them rich at some point, and mine’s developing. Once the domain is developed you could earn a decent income or if you can’t then you could flip it for a decent sum. I would only sell my domain if I was offered a good price (something I would earn for 3 – 4 years revenue) or if there’s simply nothing I can do to improve it further.

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