Do you want to factory unlock your iPhone by IMEI? Did you buy a used iPhone and don’t know where is it locked to? Are you not sure if your iPhone is locked to specified carrier? Unlocking your iPhone isn’t really too hard and the most important thing is knowing your iPhone Carrier info, you’re just a few clicks away from getting it fully unlocked.


If you need to factory unlock your iPhone, one good way of doing it is thru SenseiPhone Factory Unlock Service (link on the bottom). A purchase is required to do so and you will need to know where is the iPhone originally locked-to, or simply “what’s the carrier of your iPhone“. This information is required before you place an order of iPhone unlock service, because different carrier means different price, process, and purchasing wrong service will waste your time, and your money perhaps will be gone because you sent a wrong information (user’s fault).


Here’s how to find our your iPhone Carrier Info

  1. Click iPhone Carrier Checker.
  2. Submit your 15-digit iPhone IMEI which can retrieved by dialing *06#, or get it from Settings → General → About, or you can get it from iTunes Summary page, by connecting your iPhone first of course.iphone carrier
  3. Once you’ve got the IMEI, submit the IMEI on the form and make payment through PayPal to process your iPhone IMEI carrier checker immediately.


The iPhone carrier information you’ll received should look like this:
(some information has been censored due to privacy reason)

Carrier Sweden Tele2
Serial number 7910****A4S
Version 5.1.1
Country SE
MAC E0F****8D047
Unbricked Yes
SIM locked Yes
IMEI 012648****00759
ICCID 894620****0018974468
First unbrick date 03/03/11
Last unbrick date 13/10/11


So, that’s all you need to do to check iPhone carrier based on IMEI number. Once you’ve got the information, then you can purchase the appropriate unlock service for your locked-iPhone. The cost varies from which network your iPhone is locked on (from $59.99 to $149.99)


See the list of supported carriers available for factory unlock service on SenseiPhone:

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