faa-gov-flights-delayedI was looking around for interesting websites by different governments when I stumbled upon a very interesting domain called FAA.gov. This website is the Federal Aviation Administration’s website which is frequently visited by many travelers to especially access their flight delays

… I noticed this domain when I read the news about flight delays because of the faa computer glitch in Atlanta. What’s interesting though is how it’s able to relay the information so fast to people that we all are informed. In the Philippines, we don’t even have such a website that could tell us the flight schedules in our own airports.


What’s really nice though is that you could access the information as it flight delays occur, it even gives the visitors explanation as to why the flights are delayed. It covers most of the major airports in the US and is the source of news delays by the media.

So what’s the big fuss about this website? Coming from the Philippines, I wish we had something similar to update us on flight delays online (especially with a reason to back up why its delayed, it kinda helps accepting the facts). Even the Flight Schedules for the Philippines are not available to the public and we have to go thru the media or telephone the airport just to get an update. It’s quite disappointing for a lot of travelers on not knowing what the hell happened to their flights. So if Filipino Politicians are listening out there, please do something about this.

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