What is a Domainer? 2010 Definition

definition of domainerIt’s been a while since I’ve explored the definition of a domainer, and if you check online you’ll find lots about it. Some would say that it is buying and selling of domains, some say web development etc., so what is a domainer? This is what I’ve explored and found numerous meanings attached to the term…

Domainer is a term I just learned last year, it has been really confusing sometimes what it really means as there are many definitions. What’s usually the common case for most of the domainers is that they’re a one man show, most of them doing everything on their own.

Multiple Factors of a Domainer– Multiple Task of Domainer –

Here are the tasks that defines a domainer:

Investor - we, domainers, believe that we are real estate investors that are blessed with the knowledge and opportunity (although some wished they knew about it in the 90’s). We buy and sell domains to other investors or end users.

Web Developer – we also develop our domains, we try to compensate for our lack of programming skills with the likes of WordPress, Joomla or any free CMS that won’t need much programming. It’s all about developing our domains and getting higher traffic and money than parked.

Web Designer – With the amount of development that we’re doing, we are pretty much accustomed to design some of our graphics work. We’ve somehow mastered some of Photoshop’s functions and continue to use that for our developed domains.

SEO expert – We develop to be ranked by Search Engines (SEO), and so we all try to learn a thing or two with SEO that we, one day, become experts at it. We learn the art of writing SEO contents and make sure that we’ve added enough to get us ranking high.

Sales Person – Google Adsense pays but not that high, we need direct advertisers to get a good living so we need to sell. We’ll contact those businesses that are related to our domain and pitch to sell advertising spaces or even consider selling the websites to them.

Outsourcing – When we become really good at developing websites and doing SEO, we suddenly feel that we can do it for others so we start ourselves a company to make websites for others.

The Boss – We’ll have the brand of President or CEO, we own companies that usually comprises of ourselves or a person or two in the far east (so many coming from our country). We seem big but its all in the comfort of our bedroom.

What’s really funny about the definition of domainer in 2010 is that you’re the do-it-all guy, from investing in domains to development to all the way to outsourcing. Some mix and match the tasks but what’s really important is that everyone invests in domain names to profit in whatever means necessary (legally of course, or is it?…).

So how would you guys define a domainer this 2010?

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