Internet Business and Hospital LessonsI went to the hospital, last Monday, to confine myself for the really painful headaches and dizziness. It was one hell of an experience and it was during that time I was able to really think and make clear what it is that I really wanted to do with my internet business. It was there in the hospital that I start to see more clearly on where I stand and where I should be in the next few months.

One of my ideas before was to jump into partnerships with a lot of people and to think that startups do fail but if one was to be successful then I hit the jackpot right? Right now, I’ve partnered up with a few people and have made a good internet business with them. But I realized now where I went wrong.

Internet Business— Hospital Procedures has taught me a lot on my Internet Business —

In the hospital, the doctors were trying to find what was causing the headaches, testing and eliminating one area at a time. At that time, I kept giving them different areas to think and find something wrong but they simply focused. I thought that they’re slow and am not going to be successful with their doing, but later on I realized they were right. What they did was to focus on the important parts of the body like the head and focused on looking there until it was completely ok and moved on.

Now, how does that relate to internet business and domaining?

Because we all have thousands of ideas up our heads and we all believe we’ve got that million dollar somewhere there, we just want to jump from one topic to another. That’s a problem because we never gave that idea a chance to first shine before we judge if it’s going to  be successful or not. If it failed, it is because we didn’t focus hard enough and simply moved on to the next project. We might get an occassional success on one, but without someone focusing on it, what will happen to the website?

I think it’s time for me to drop some domains that I still have yet to develop and risk it being taken by others. That way I could focus on the thing that I really want to do and get it up and successful. End of the day, the success of a website is somehow related to the focus of the people working behind it.

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