internetrealpropertydomainnameswebsitehostingsearchenginesThe internet is becoming more and more popular throughout the globe, with internet population increasing every year, the internet has made itself a huge household name. However, not a lot of people understand the internet, so to try to help people understand more I thought about explaining internet with the use of real estate. Domain Names, Web Hosting and Search Engines

Domain Names (Address)

We’re all assigned a unique IP address when we connect to the internet. The unique IP addresses are a set of numbers (e.g. which doesn’t make sense and is dynamic (Which changes when we reset our modems). So in order for us to connect to everyone else, we need something that people can refer to permanently. This is where domain names come in, it is somehow similar to your (Home / Business) Address.


— Where are you located? —

In real property : 24 Valentia street, Oxford, UK
In internet world :

In the real world, people can come visit my place by coming to my home address. In the internet world, people would just type the address (A.K.A. URL) in their address bar and they could visit me straight away. So when getting a domain name, make sure to find something that people will remember easily. To test this, try telling someone your domain name thru the phone and see if they could understand and remember it easily.

Web Hosting

When I do go and visit your address, I could probably see an empty lot, bungalow, shop, apartments, office building etc. Web hosting is the same as the land that your address will place its structures on.

webhostingland— What would you like to build? —

In real property: House, Shop, office building, apartments, condominiums etc.
In internet world: Social Network, Blog, Forum, Directories, etc.

The speed that the website loads is related to how fast the web hosting sends the information, just like in real property, the depending on how long the street or road is, the faster or longer it will take me to get to the address. So when you get yourself web hosting, make sure to find a reliable web hosting that has not so much websites in it (avoid unlimited web hosting, unless you’re expecting low traffic) and would load fast.

Search Engines

Search Engines are like the yellow pages (Phone directory) in the real world. Search Engines direct people to the right website with the right information that they’re looking for.

SearchEnginesrealdirectoryyellowpages— Are you in page 1? —

In real property: Yellow Pages, Phone Directories etc.
In Internet world: Search engines

Most businesses, in the old days, advertised heavily in phone directories to get customers.  Today, instead of flipping thru the yellow pages, people just “Googles” your business name or product / services. And just like Phone directories, getting to the first page of the office supplies category gets more customers than being on the last page. So this is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a very hot topic online. Make sure to have the right SEO and get as much links going into your website as possible.

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