oldmanI recalled watching a TV show in the UK before called “Honey we’re killing the kids”, what they do is they take your child’s photo and then show you what they’re like in the future. The way they’ve done it is thru getting multiple people to analyze and edit the photo. Now instead of a child photo imagine it is your own photo, and imagine if the system could show how you would look in the photo in the future. Now I believe we have our own control of our destinies, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change how you look in the future based on what you do today? I started to think if it is possible to make a website based on this, and with current developments in online photo editors, I believe it is possible. so here’s how it works:

The user would upload a clear ID picture type photo to the website. The user would then submit their Profile, Lifestyle, Daily schedule, Activities, Routine Etc., things that you believe that could change how a user will look like in the future. The system then gives a futuristic photo of the user to the user. The photos are affected by different criteria for example if user doesn’t sleep too much then place eye-bags (with calculation to give as much details to the picture, example: 30 minutes equals puff 1/4 inch of their eye-bags), and other criteria added have a corresponding effect on the picture.

The user can then change certain criteria in their “Profiles” to see how it will affect their image. Photos and changes made are kept in record for each change that occurs, so that the user have something to compare their picture with after changes have been done.

Forums will also be present on the website, as sort of a support group where members can discuss about their images and what they could do to change it. It will also be great if professionals like doctors, psychologists, personal trainers could help other people and in turn turn them into their clients or maybe even add a consultant feature on the website where professionals could answer them in details on their questions for certain fees (example: $1 for a question).

What’s really interesting here is how revenues will be made, users are not charged for the activities that they do on the website. But once the system analyzes their lifestyle and picture, you could then start recommending to them. For example, if the client becomes obese, then if you have local advertisers in the user’s area, then you would show local gyms or sports places in the area (banners and descriptions). Or if no advertiser is present in the area you could show google adsense in the bottom that might be able to give the right ads based on the user’s location and keywords. Local adverts of consultants and establishments will be shown in relation to the user’s problems.

Unclear thoughts:

  • How detailed on the user’s profiles, routine, activities, etc do you need to go?
  • This would require heavy development and face recognition softwares, would this also need heavy investments to hire professionals to help with the system?
  • How accurate can the photo be?
  • What can we do if some users are offended?

What do you guys think?

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