With technology moving fast and becoming more affordable to everyone today, it’s not expensive to buy a professional video camera. Video production is getting cheaper as most expenses go to talent / skills than the technology. One thing that really interests me is how Videos could help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) advertise in the Internet, and YouTube (one of the biggest names in the World Wide Web) is here to serve that request on levelling the playing field with the big guys in the market.

Currently YouTube hosts millions (if not billions) of videos, and so what’s really crucial here is how to differentiate your video to other videos. There are three types of Purpose why viewers go to YouTube:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Solutions to their problems
  3. Information / Education / Training

The Difference of the video should be the way they show the video, making it professional yet somehow relaxed and documentary like. They key here is to show people that it’s more of a professional and realistic advert as opposed to adverts that claim to be the best. The video must be less than 3 minutes just to capture the attention to not bore your audiences with the video being made. According to the news article in CNN, companies in the US are making millions over creating videos for Small Businesses online (charging $1000 per video) just by shooting videos hiring full time and part time “directors / cameraman”.

This is a great way to market your business, it’s great as it encourages Word Of Mouth both Online and Offline. What’s really important is that it attracts customers to your business who are more than happy to buy your products or services which they are very well educated of (easier to sell to and could appreciate the higher end service / product).

Here’s the sample video of Antoine’s Restaurant:

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