Typhoon Ondoy / Undoy devastates the Philippines

typhoon undoy philippinesI’m a little bit late to voice out about Typhoon Ondoy / Undoy that hit the Philippines, but I’m very happy that my whole family and friends were ok when it flooded the whole of Metro Manila. My deepest condolence to those who didn’t make it thru the worse storm…

… Although some of my family members were separated we were able to reach safety before the floods had risen to 2 floors high. The most unfortunate story I’ve heard was those who had went to the 3rd floor, and as the electrical wires sparked, it started a fire. Those people were left with a choice to jump and drown or burn to death. Most of them weren’t able to make it.

Again, I personally would like to express my deepest condolences to those families. We, Filipinos, are very strong, we’re going to get thru it. Don’t worry, we always do. Through it all, there’s something that we should celebrate about, today we see Filipinos as one, people helping out each other and really doing their best not only to their families but to other people.

To those who haven’t seen what its done, here’s a video for you all to see:


For those who’d like to help thru donation, can visit Red Cross’s website .

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