tweetbuckslogoTwitter is expected to be one of the websites that will soon dominate the web, with more and more users flocking to join the service more and more 3rd party applications have been springing up. Twitter accounts have become very valuable to a lot, it’s almost as if it was a domain name. So how about earning money off your twitter account? Tweetbucks is a 3rd party Twitter application that allows users to monetize thru the use of Twitter (I’ve covered another similar website before). What’s different about it…

… is that there’s no requirements on your twitter accounts to join (e.g. minimum amount of twitter followers), but instead it recommends adding valuable information to gain followers and earn money. It uses Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing to generate affiliate marketing links which if you’re able to sell then you earn money. They’ve also added the CPC ads if your custom ad-framework is enabled (paying around $0.50 to $1 eCPM).

tweetbucksscreenshot— TweetBucks Screenshot —


All you have to do is to input the website on the text area and it searches its own database on the affiliates that they currently have, if it has, it will give you a shortened link going to the website but with an affiliate link to it. There are also referral schemes which gives you 10% of the earnings of your referral. The minimum payout is $25 thru paypal and is paid 30 days later (30 days after the $25 completion). However, it doesn’t allow users to click and use that to buy and get cash back, so you’re really limited in selling others to earn yourself a commission.


Overall, I think this is a great idea. The link still leads to the same website (so it doesn’t bother the visitor, unless misdirected) where if they buy anything you earn money. Compared to Be-a-Magpie, it seems to have used a different approach and more control over the twitter user. You could literally keep adding advertisements as long as you want, where as, it is automated in be-a-magpie. I think both have yet to prove themselves in monetizing your twitter account, but they seem to have hit a great market with loads of potential.

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