One thing I was never too careful about was Personal Finance, I thought it was simple, just don’t spend more than you earn. But it’s not as simple as it is, how would you know if you’re overspending on one thing and underspending on another? Sometimes, it’s good to learn your spending habits to learn more about yourself and to reach your target savings / investments / goals. So I started to check online on programs that could help me out on this, and the best one I found is! It’s simple yet very insightful, I believe this is the best in the market so far.


Toshl personal Finance App


Here’s an overview of what I love about Toshl:

Toshl Personal Finance App

  • Operates on any Web Browser, iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone 7
  • Multiple Users for One Family
  • Simple and Very easy to Learn
  • Set Budgets and stop yourself from overspending
  • Interesting Charts and Graphs to illustrate your spending habits.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, CSV or Google Docs
  • Secure your Account on your phone
  • It’s FREE and paid versions are Affordable



Operates on any Web Browser, iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone 7

Toshl Personal Finance App compatibility

When I was looking for a personal finance app, my criteria was that it has to work on both iOS and Android (my wife uses android). There was not too many apps on this, closest one I found was Expensify but that was only for expenses and most often used in companies. I wanted something personal and Toshl was just the perfect app I was looking for. It’s able to run on both our phones, iPads and our laptops too. Making it very convenient for us to encode our expenses income and budgets.



Multiple Users for One Family

toshl personal finance family expenses

I like the fact that my wife and I can both use one account for our family. My wife uses android and I use iOS, and we both can input our own data and have all synced into one account. It’s perfect for tracking our family budgets together! Next time when my baby grows up, I’ll make sure that he starts using this too.


Simple and Very easy to Learn

Toshl personal finance app add expenses

My wife (who’s not tech savvy) and I didn’t really take too much time to learn Toshl. It is so simple that I believe anyone can pick it up right away, my wife didn’t even need to be trained! All you need is to input an expense / income, tag or categorize what that falls under, and add notes, it’s that simple. The cartoon characters makes this app more fun! And not to mention, make it look cute and more like a kiddie game, but you’re really doing personal finance.



Set Budgets and Stop yourself from Overspending

Toshl Personal Finance App Budgets

One thing I love about Toshl is the ability to add budgets, it is simply the budget you set for certain spending category. So before you spend on anything, you can consult your budgets if you can still spend. What’s also cool about this is that if you try to input an expense and you’re overbudget, you can set it to alert you and try to stop you from overspending. I just love this feature, I use this before I go to and pay or think about buying anything.



Interesting Charts and Graphs to illustrate your spending habits

Toshl Personal Finance App Charts and Graphs

I love charts and graphs, it just shows me great insights to my expenses. I believe this is great to really dig deeper and understand your spending habits. You can even compare specific tags / categories of expense to each other which can reveal things that you would miss in numbers. You’ve got to try it out!



Export to PDF, Excel, CSV or Google Docs

Toshl Personal Finance App Export Feature

You can easily export as a report to any of the following extensions: PDF, Excel, CSV or Google Docs. If you also get the premium version, they can email you the monthly reports automatically! This is good if you’d like a backup of your file somewhere close to you.



Secure your Account on your Phone

Toshl Personal Finance App Lock Screen

Let’s face it, your phone can be lost or stolen. So when that happens what then? Are you completely exposed including your financials? Well this app takes care of that, you can setup a lock screen where they have to input the pincode to access your account. Not only that, you can even revoke the account on your phone thru their website. So you’d feel completely safe, I love this feature.



It’s FREE and paid versions are Affordable

Toshl personal finance app FREE

Yes, it is FREE! With the Free version, you get unlimited expenses, 1 source of income and 1 budget. With the paid version (around $19.99 per year, can go cheaper if you go for the 3 years plan), you get everything, unlimited income and budgets and advanced charts and the automatic sending of monthly reports. I think this isn’t as expensive as what the app can do. Here’s a quick tip, currently (March 14,2013), they have a promotion that if you Share (Facebook and Twitter) their cool infographics, you get 20% off the price (so you can get it for around $16)!



Final Thoughts on Personal Finance App – Toshl

I just love this app, it makes personal finance such an easy task. What I also love is that it tells me to stop spending when I’m overbudget! lol! This would mean more savings for my family. I do wish though that one day they could make “family” accounts I personally recommend this to anyone who wishes to track and assess their own personal finances.

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