teamdomainnameFor anyone to start their own online business, it’s important to get yourself a domain name. And getting a domain name 2.0 / 3.0 is not so much a simple task, a lot of research needs to be done to get the best results. So when you’ve already got an idea of what Domain name you’d like to register, here’s some tips in how to find yourself a good Domain Registrar:

Most important thing when getting yourself a domain name is who you’re going to register your domain name with (Domain Registrar). However, there are a lot (I really mean… a lot) of Domain Registrars that are available online. The most important thing is to do Research, Research and more Research to find the best domain registrar that will suit your needs. Each domain Registrar has different strengths and weaknesses so it’s important that we look at different factors that one must be aware when registering domain names:

Customer Service


At some point of your registration, there would be certain problems or questions that you’ll be encountering and it’s important that you get the best support for your domain name. And if the registrar has a good customer service policy then your query should be answered within 24 hours. With my experience with GoDaddy, it took them around 3-12 hours to get back to me and the support is very helpful and tactful.

You’d also need to see whether they keep improving their service. New and better innovative features are bound to come out and you might be missing out if your registrar’s not up to date.

User Friendly

Is the website interface user friendly? Are you able to control your domain names with ease? Like transferring, renew, track, Configuring Name servers, Forwarding etc. It’s very important that you could do basic functions easily, which is why you need to check if they have tutorials, FAQ, support forums or contact page so if you run into a problem they could help you out.

It’s also important for domain name registrars to have an alert for expiring domain names for renewal. I use GoDaddy for all my domain names and one thing I like about their service is that they alert the user a few months before expiry date and as it gets closer. There’s also a auto renew function which just automatically deducts the said amount from your credit card.



If you’re planning to make money out of domain names, then make sure you can transfer your domain name easily to the buyer easily. Buying and selling domain names is a big business, and transferring your domain name is vital.



Some Domain Registrars offer high price against others who offer really low prices, It’s best to understand why it is so. You have to be careful of the small prints that exist around the advertisement that you see. You might see a very cheap domain name registrar but a small print saying that the price is good for a year and  you’ll be charged the normal rate (which is usually higher than market rate).

Also certain prices are not always reflected, for example in GoDaddy, they would have domain names selling at $7.49 / year but when you add promo codes when checking out, the price will go lower (especially with large volume). So I suggest that you check the web if there’s a promo code for the registrar and you could save a big amount (largest I saved was around $30 in GoDaddy for a $100+ registration).

Lastly I recommend searching the web for price comparison on domain registrations to find out how they compare to each other and see the reviews of each registrar.


This issue is a bit new, wherein the registrar must not be in the US (jurisdiction issues etc). It’s usually for copyright issues that could potentially arise when registering a domain name that is linked with a company. Upon reading the reports, the US government agency is allowed to see even the ones with privacy upon submitting a report. And could potentially terminate and seize the domain name without any notice.

It’s still a debatable topic, but it’s definitely something to watch out for when you want to be a domain name investor.

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