thruyouThru-you is music project (7 songs in total) that a man named Kutiman created online, and since its launch it’s getting millions of hits in YouTube and lots of buzz in the Twittersphere and Blogosphere. So I went to see what the fuzz was all about, and to my surprise, it was just great music. What’s really interesting is that it’s not like popular music artists where there are professionally edited videos, it is somehow amateurish, but what he did was use a group of youtube videos and collaborated it all in one music video, and the result…

… is just wonderful. I personally see this as a great turning point for internet music. It will be about collaborating with other artists to make beautiful music, someway I could call it ‘Open sourced music’. It’s not about being a popular artist or not, it will be about our passion for music which will drive anyone to create music like this. Their popularity was not from doing marketing or anything but more of working on great music and sharing it with others to enjoy.

This is how he’s done it and I hope more and more people participate in this type of remix. I admire what they’ve done and I hope there could be a website that caters to purely these type of videos which really could inspire musicians to contribute for a better (music) cause.

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