top video games 2012


There are a whole lot of top video games (in 2012) that have been confirmed and whether you are a working person in an office or still in your first few years of life, there is something for everyone on the way. Here is my pick of the top video games in 2012.


Top Video Games 2012 – GTA V



Although hardly anything has been revealed about the brand new Grand Theft Auto game (2012 release hasn’t even been confirmed as of yet) it is safe to say that if this game is coming out this year, it will be one that stands a fantastic chance at becoming game of the year and selling the most.


The only thing that has been confirmed so far is the setting as well as the fact that it looks like planes are back and the return of the big map seen in San Andreas (although reports are suggesting it won’t be empty land like a lot of it was). An official release from Rockstar stated “it’s Los Santos and the surrounding countryside – and a very big map”.



Top Video Games 2012 – Halo 4



Once again not much has been revealed about Halo 4 and will no doubt not be revealed until E3 this year. The trailer of course features Master Chief and Cortana and as of yet these are the only two characters confirmed for the game (who cares about anyone else anyway??).  Players can expect more supreme storytelling and multiplayer action than ever before when the game is released fall 2012.


Remember that this is the first full game (excluding Halo Anniversary) that 343 Industries have worked on within the Halo franchise so they are really going to go for it for the first game in the confirmed new trilogy.



Top Video Games 2012 – The Last Of Us



There seems to be a common theme with these titles but once again very little has been revealed on The Last Of Us other than it is a survival horror game and that the graphics look incredible. You might be thinking that we have more survival horrors than we actually need on consoles at the moment but when developers Naughty Dog (Uncharted series) come into play, you should now be interested!


This game is shaping up to be a fantastic Playstation 3 exclusive.



Top Video Games 2012 – Hitman: Absolution



The Hitman series has been gone for six years now and was long overdue another game. One of the best parts of the Hitman games is that you can choose how to complete your mission in a number of different ways. For instance, if you want to kill the milkman, dress in his clothes to get into the house to take out your target then you can do. On the other hand, you can also just go in guns blazing and take everyone out as quick as possible, the choice is yours!


Another game can only boost the popularity of the series and it would be good to see how Agent 47’s world comes to life once more in 2012.



Top Video Games 2012 – Far Cry 3



In all honesty, I am still struggling to complete Far Cry  2 due to the fact you seem to be constantly under attack from everyone in the game. On the other hand, that isn’t do say I don’t dislike the second game and it is a fantastic game with awesome fire effects and a real sense of tension. The third title looks to take ideas from both the first and second game and combine them into a game that no one has ever seen before.


These are just some of the fantastic titles that are on the way this year and is by no means a complete list. Others include Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinite, Max Payne 3, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and on top of all of this we have two confirmed hardware launches in the Playstation Vita and Wii U.


2012 is a big year for gaming and it doesn’t matter if you work in office space or are in retirement, there will be a game for you!

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