the future of online dating and video chattingThe web has been used for chatting, socializing, and dating virtually since its inception. From Newsgroups and mIRC, to forums and chat rooms, from blogs and personal pages, to personal websites and instant messaging – users have always been searching for different ways to meet new people, and the process has pretty much stayed the same – find someone interesting, exchange a few messages, chat online and meet or date in real life…

There are many advantages to the current online dating services, and although most of the key players in this field are constantly learning and changing, all of these services lack the excitement and thrill of a real live date. They don’t offer any fun or new innovative ways to meet people online. Although some new dating sites offer social features and video capabilities, their main product has stayed the same, and the activity of the sites and their users hasn’t change much during the years.

Today, we can easily spot a few underlying changes that may revolutionize the way people interact and meet online:

  • Growing number of users with webcams (40% of Facebook videos are created by webcams and 25% of Skype chats are using webcams).
  • High usage increase of mobile phones with built-in video capturing capabilities.
  • Personal video broadcasting trend, accompanied with a new generation of users who are not afraid to share their personal lives over the Internet.
  • Technological advances which allow perfect video streaming solutions and high bandwidth usage.

The disadvantages of the current online dating sphere, combined with the changes mentioned above, define the necessity of a video chat platform that bridges the online and the offline world. A platform which will make it harder to deceive users by aged profile pictures, and a platform which will make it much easier to determine chemistry and compatibility between two people. This would be a platform which will provide the closest feeling to an actual physical contact; with butterflies in your belly, sweat dripping from your forehead and awkward silences between questions.

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Ilan Leibovich, COO and Co-founder of 6rounds

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