Sony S1 Tablet Sony S2 Tablet


As the tablet wars between different companies is being fought, Sony enters the battle with their Sony S1 Tablet and Sony S2 Tablet. I was personally excited about it, but as I watched the 1st teaser video for it, I was not enticed at all…



The problem, for me, with the teaser video is that there was no information whatsoever, it didn’t tell me what to expect or what I would be able to do with it. Instead, it just gave you this artsy type video where you’d somehow feel dumb for watching it. Don’t get me wrong, Sony S1 Tablet and Sony S2 Tablet is probably one of the really cool designed tablets (it’s Sony), but going all out on that, when the tablet wars is focused on features, apps and other amazing things you can do with it. I just hope Sony would be able to improve their videos, paying premium for the Sony brand is one thing, showing me a video that completely makes me feel dumb (especially when I buy it) is totally another. Common Sony, show us what you can do with it.

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