A long time ago I inquired about SkyDSL‘s internet service and, to my surprise, they required cable connection to have the internet connected. I heard of their service being pretty good and I wanted to try it but I already had Destiny cable installed so I didn’t go with it and chose BayanDSL. Now that I’ve moved to another place, I decided to give their free trial a go.


skydsl broadband



Initial thoughts on SKYDSL

My choices were PLDT or SkyDSL, PLDT takes 2 weeks to process application (not to mention that I applied for their service before and they actually lost my application) while SkyDSL offered to connect us within 2 days (I moved their visit as I wasn’t available otherwise it would’ve been a day). I was lucky enough to be covered by their service, and I chose the 6 mbps trial service (double of what I had before of 3 mbps). The free trial guys came very early in the morning and were able to connect me within the next few minutes.


Skydsl broadband speed test


SkyDSL Performance

I was actually amazed by the consistency of their speed, I tested it throughout the day and everything was loading fast. I was surfing in fast speeds and webpages seemed to load really fast and I was even able to watch Youtube videos (some full movies) without having to stop to buffer.  I was also amazed with how SkyDSL downloads Torrents, I had some torrents download at 600+ kb/s and took half the time to download than what I had with BayanDSL. Overall, I would certainly recommend their service based on my Free Trial.


Skydsl internet service

SkyDSL Pricing

Their prices are pretty good as it the P3,999 comes with a gold Skycable subscription, it also comes with a IWantV service which allows you to watch local shows online on demand.


SkyDSL needs to improve on

Skydsl modem’s adaptor was not functioning after 5 days, it might be that the test unit was old or a factory defect, It was later replaced by another adaptor. Customer Service also needs improving, I remember calling at 5pm in the afternoon to have the adaptor replaced I had to wait more than 15 minutes to talk to a representative to which I got cut off due to bad signal and had to wait another 15 minutes more. The good thing was that the representative was very helpful and was able to get me scheduled to replace the defected adaptor.


Overall, I love SkyDSL’s service! The speeds are really consistent and torrent speeds are at the upper limits. I just hope that it would be the same service once I do get the actual paid service. I would certainly recommend this service to others, you can go for their 15 days free trial (deposit of P1000 required for modem). You can visit their website at MySky or call (632) 381-0000.

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