sky cable logoSky Cable has been around in the Philippines for a while now, they are considered one of the best cable television here (which I’m a subscriber). Being one of the best, I expected them to know more about online marketing or getting themselves the right domain name. But I was wrong…

MySky.COM.PH has been the domain name that is being used by Sky Cable ever since. If you were to ask me, I’m very very disappointed with their domain name. There could’ve been so many domain names for them to register like Sky, SkyCable, SkyBroadband etc., But why MySky.COM.PH.

One of the reasons I was thinking on top of my head is that its probably because of branding where they try to go for Families to subscribe to their service. But how many people would search in Google for MySky (ads aside)? I would’ve searched for Sky Cable, Sky Broadband or Sky Phones (which are their services) than MySky. Upon checking I found

sky cable domain name— Cyber squatters are preying on their brand —

As I checked online, I found that Sky.COM.PH and Sky.PH is already owned by korean domainers. What’s even more interesting is that SkyCable.COM.PH is already owned by another domainer and is probably getting good traffic for it. What I feel most disappointed about Sky is that they didn’t even get MySky.PH or SkyCable.PH, their wasting resources and promoting their services while cyber squatters squat on their brand and get their traffic. For a big company such as theirs, they should know better to protect themselves from cyber squatters. Even for 6 domain names of both .PH and .COM.PH could only cost them $210 / year in dotPH. Where as, if they were to buy it off a cyber squatter, it could’ve easily costed them $1000 minimum and if they take them to court, it would’ve costed them more and with no returns but a domain name.

I think this is a perfect example of companies not really taking advantage of the power of domain names. They’re leaving themselves open for cyber squatters to monetize on their brand, what I suggest is that they go and get the domain names as soon as possible. It would simply benefit them thru SEO and, at the same time, protect themselves in the process.

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