Domaining Buying and Selling of DomainsOne of the meaning of the term, “Domainer“, is buying and selling of domain names for profit. However, my approach was a bit more different, What I did was to focus on web development to profit from domains. Is it really a must that we buy and sell domains? Or are there different ways and means around it.

I was first a web developer before I turned into a domainer, I focused on building brandable domain websites before and just stumbled upon domaining purely from being excited from domains and concepts it could have. Domaining has really sparked my interest and got me really investing my time and money into it.

Buying and Selling of Domains in Domaining

Is Buying and Selling Domains the only way for Domaining?

As a web developer, I always wanted to prove that I can make it by developing my own domains rather than selling it off to someone else. My point was that I’d rather enjoy passive income in the later stage than buy and sell now, but am I doing the right thing? One of the things about building up a domain into a website is that it takes time (a really long time), you’ll also need to experiment on different monetization techniques to get the right balance to a better income. Basically, it takes TIME to build. While if you look at buying and selling domains, you could flip a domain you bought or registered quickly and get at least twice the money you paid for it (could be more if it’s really that good and you find a very interested end user). Some domainers do both, where they develop some domains and sell some off to others. But what happens now is that most domainers hold a huge portfolio and can’t develop them all and simply sells it off to profit from it, especially if their revenue stream for that is not enough to pay for its renewal fees.

I’m slowly starting to open up myself to learn about selling some of my domains, its hard to keep collecting especially if they can’t even earn their own renewal fees. It can be tough especially I somehow violate the “don’t love your domains” rule for domainers. I’m slowly opening up my mind to it, what do you think?

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