search engine optimization seo for minisite domain name developmentMinisites has always been the fastest path for domain name development, and with this year being a tough time for domainers who park their domain names, Minisites are becoming more and more popular. However developing minisites aren’t all about just developing or coding, it requires good SEO for it to really earn revenues…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a hot topic online, because its the cheapest and best way of driving traffic to your websites by pleasing the search engines. The main traffic generator of a minisite is Search engines that’s why SEO is vital to the success and profitability of a minisite.

What are ways of optimizing your minisite for search engines?

search engine optimizing seo minisite— SEO is the key for minisites —

External Links
Perhaps the most popular way of building SEO is thru getting links from the outside. This can be done by getting links with “related” websites, it could be from link exchange or buying links (text-link-ads) thru other websites. Make sure to link to quality websites to your minisite from websites as it will affect your Search Engine score.

Internal Links
The easiest way of optimizing is the name that you give to your links, e.g. vs What search engines look for is that the keyword of the link is the keyword that the person is searching. For WordPress users, what you’d need is to change your permalinks to “/%postname%/”. And make sure that the title of your post is targeted to the right keywords.

Keyword Density
Make sure to repeat the keyword that you’re targeting 3 – 6 % of the total words of the article. Bold the keywords in the content and write a minimum of 100 characters article. But try not to make it overly senseless with SEO in mind, remember that people will only stay if the content is good enough.

Place Title tags to images
Make sure to rename your images to the keywords that you’re targeting. Add the title tag in your image, for example <a href=”http://LINK” title=”KEYWORDS”>.

Submit URL to all Search Engines
Make sure to submit your minisite domain name to all search engines. Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other directories. The faster you get it submitted and indexed the faster you’d come out in search results.

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