Just saying sales or selling can already rub so many people the wrong way. Most of us, are already afraid of sales men forcefully selling us what we don’t want or need. Truly, it’s not a great time for the sales man… But being a founder, I realized that sales should really be a skill everyone has.


Thru years of experience, I realized that selling is a skill that needs constant learning and improving. It’s not presenting a product (as that would only be ‘showing’) but rather uncovering the need of your potential customer and matching it with your solution. It may sound simple, but there’s really a lot of techniques involved. It’s much like watching golf (for me), feeling that it’s easy, but upon doing so falling flat on my face. Yes, I have had lots and lots of ‘Sales fail’.


Selling is damn hard

Try it, experience it and tell me if it’s easy. Each customer is different, each sales pitch is different, you, as the sales person, will need to adjust and anticipate every scenario and have the power to close the deal. I realized why it was so hard, it was because we were selling randomly to everyone without thinking who my ideal or potential customers are. When you sell something to someone who don’t need or want your product / service, it’s like forcing pigs to fly.


Reaching Ideal Customers

Defining your ideal customers and approaching them would be the easier route. Someone who experiences the pain or needs / wants your products and services would definitely have a higher probability of buying from you. Targeting also allows you to save money and time, and allows you to serve your customers better by fulfilling a need.


Don’t state the obvious

When you’ve finally reached them and have a chance to talk to them. (Please, please, please…) Don’t ever state the obvious of what your product / service is. Give them insights, things they can’t read in the brochure or see thru the physical product. Tell them what your product does, what makes it different and how is it going to make their lives better.


Close it!

Sounds easy again, but there are so many scenarios that you probably haven’t imagined on why they can’t push thru with the deal. I really feel this is where most sales men fail, including myself. I’ve been really learning a lot about this and really appreciating the techniques that come with it.


One particular technique I learned recently, involves the following:

  • Tell them what you’re going to do
  • Do it
  • Tell them what you’ve done


I love this technique as it explains everything from your product / service to result to closing. I love the closing line of Victor Antonio (Sales Coach), “Selling ain’t hard if you know how!”.

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