Most people describe new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as being too small for a tablet and too big for a cell phone, so there appeared a new name for such devices – Phablets. Phablets have bigger size than the usual smartphones and the functionality compared to tablets. The top reigning kings of this field is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Apple’s iPad 3, so we went ahead and did a comparison. Here’s the result of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple iPad 3


As the 2 have such similar features and both having a huge marketing campaign, consumers are very confused on what’s really better. So we did a comparison between the two on different features each one has and see who wins this battle.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple iPad 3


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPad 3


Screen Features

The makers have used different technologies for their gadgets: Apple’s iPad 3 has the up-to-date innovative Retina display (High resolution) while Samsung uses AMOLED HD display in its Note 2 phablet, which supposedly saves a lot of battery life. Comparing other screen features, it should be noted that iPad 3 has 2048×1536 resolution, 264ppi and the size of the screen of 9.7 inches while Galaxy Note 2 is made with 5.5 inches screen with 1,280×720 resolution.


Winner: iPad 3. High resolution displays with a bigger screen.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been released with 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, Samsung surely has made it the most powerful phone of all (Talk about power tripping!). While Apple’s iPad 3 is powered with A5x processor and quad-core graphics which is less powerful but not as strong as Samsung Galaxy.


Winner: Samsung Note 2! They sure know how to make one crave for more power.


Operating System

Both devices have got the most advanced versions of mobile OS – iOS (iPad 3) and Android (Samsung). The iOS is surely one of the most loved OS on phones, with millions of apps and tons of cool new releases monthly, who wouldn’t want to get into the action. While the Android OS, is equally popular but the apps isn’t nearly as vast and as safe as iOS.


Winner: iPad 3. The reason people buy iPhones, iPods or iPads is about the apps, the OS sure knows how to control and excite the app market.


Camera Features

iPad 3’s got a 5 megapixel camera at the back with iSight technology, autofocus, geotagging and auto focus and with a 0.3 megapixel front camera. While Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has an 8 megapixel back camera with LED flash and autofocus but the front is equipped with a whopping 1.9 megapixel camera.


Winner: Galaxy Note 2 is clearly the winner.


Storage and Memory

Now this is the most tricky part, iPad 3 comes with 16 / 32 / 64 GB models with 1 GB RAM. While the Samsung Note 2 comes with 16 / 32 / 64 GB and 2 GB of RAM and microSD slot (where you can get another 64 GB of space). So while both are the same in storage, one can be expanded and is much stronger.


Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Expandable storage with 2 GB RAM.


Portability & Battery Life

iPad 3 has a 11,560mAh battery capacity and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 only has 3100mAh, however, as the size of the iPad 3 is bigger than Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you can almost say that it is with the size. Note 2 can probably fit in your pocket but not with the iPad 3, so size and battery does seem to be relative.


Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2. People are looking for more powerful portable devices, something that is easily carried and based on it’s battery it’s a good enough battery for normal / regular users.

iPad 3 if to compare the official data about the battery capacity.


Who won Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple iPad 3?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2! I’ve always been an iPad user, and never have used a Galaxy Note on a regular basis, but I must say I have to declare the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 the winner of this contest. However, iPad mini is supposed to be released in a few months and this is the direct competitor of the Galaxy Note series, so this might even out the playing field and have a different result.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Apple iPad 3, Who’s the winner for you?

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