The kids of this generation wouldn’t have a clue on what it was like to play an old fashioned board game such as Snake and Ladders, Game of the Generals and Monopoly. No amount of flashy animation and colourful displays would ever suffice to the thrill and suspense of having to roll a dice which would dictate your next move in the game. Win or lose, the roll of the dice decided your odds.

I remember the days when I was just a kid in a peaceful village in Cavite. Me and my siblings would gather in our living room every Wednesday and Friday night just to play boardgames (which were a gift from our parents whenever one of us got good grades). We would start off our evening by playing Snake and Ladders, then after we got board (pun intended), we’d work our way to the main event, which was monopoly. Ugh, the chills I get whenever I remember those nights when we’d sleep at almost midnight (which was kinda cool back then) just playing Monopoly. We were hooked! It was a game for kids to enjoy for many, many more generations to come, which is why I got very excited about one of the newest online games to hit the Philippines… Just Roll It!


The sudden rush of nostalgia engulfed my nerves when I heard of this game from a friend. Just Roll It is basically the younger and cooler sibling of Monopoly. Instead of playing it on a cramped and flimsy board, Just Roll It can be played on any PC! You could play with up to 3 of your friends at the same time online! Playing this app doesn’t just bring a smile to my face whenever I get the money of the other players. Keep on playing the game and the virtual  money you get could actually be real!

To get the game, go to their website, download it, register an account, then play to your heart’s content! It’s that easy!


The game is really easy to play. Just click the roll button and the computer rolls the dice for you. Remember when you would enclose the dices in your palms and whisper the number you wanted to get then throw the dice real high? Or am I the only one who did that? Anyway, there’s a dice meter that tells you the perfect time to hit that button so the chances of you getting your desired number is higher! There’s also an odd and even button. Click this if you want a certain number to be the outcome.

There are two maps that you can play on, the world map and the space map. World map consists of cities around the world and you build hotels and eventually, a landmark. As for the space map, you’ll be taken to different planets and have the chance to establish a colony. There are mini games where you either play in Vegas or shoot aliens. I prefer the aliens game because I get to shoot aliens.


And instead of those little metal tokens, you get to have a character! You choose from a selection of characters, which has different set of abilities that can help you win or lose the game. You can’t change characters though, so choose you character wisely! I chose Miranda, the tennis player, solely because I like her name!

I actually have been playing the game for a while now, and I can say that I’m hooked. I was a little skeptical at first that I will like this game, but it’s actually quite addicting. It’s the perfect game to play with your friends and family. The only downside though is that you have to wait for other players in order to play a game. But other than that, the game is really good. You guys should really play it!


Okay you might be wondering now, “How can I win money just by playing an online game?” All players have the chance to win Php 1,000 daily and can be qualified to join the weekly and monthly raffle over 3 months to win a part of the total prize of Php 1,000,000! The more you play, the more chances of winning!

Learn more about Just Roll It through this video:

Now what are you waiting for? Head on over to Just Roll It, download the game, and be rich! Oh, and invite your friends too, of course!

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