Rather than park your domains, Redirect domains

Redirect Parked DomainsA lot of Domainers have amassed a really huge portfolio especially last year when everyone believed that the market is down and everyone was on a buying frenzy. A lot of domains are now just being parked and making only a few cents to a few dollars. Some are forced to sell their domains while others are forced to drop as it can’t cover its own renewal fees. Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you redirect it?

My suggestion is simply to redirect related your parked domains to some of your related minisites. My suggestion is somehow biased as I do develop minisites myself, but my point is that if you redirect your domains to your best performers then it could increase your overall earnings. PPC or Affiliate Marketing can earn a lot more than parking.

Redirecting Parked Domains

Parked Domain Redirection

I’ve started to redirect some of my domains over to related websites, what’s great is that although it is not earning, it’s going to push earnings to the website that it redirects to. What’s also great is that somehow some SEO gets attached to it, just like what I did with Techfilipino, FilipinoTech.net has gained SEO over its redirection and has got PR3 for Google. So you can focus and optimize one website while some of your redirecting domains are helping that website also.

It’s simply a simple strategy as parking doesn’t pay well rather than redirect parked domains and get higher earnings on the landing page than parking.

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