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PSE Stocks Spotlight: COL Financial Group & Vantage Equities by Alpha Playbook


COL Financial Group Inc. (COL)

Today I am featuring two brokerages – V (wealth SEC) and COL. I am speculating the big move for PSE to come soon. If PSE moves possible halo effect on brokerage stocks also? Remember last year when the PNB-BPI merger fueled all banking stocks, or this year when CPG/MEG fueled property stocks. I am speculating the same for brokerage stocks


COL Financial Group PSE Stocks


The daily chart of COL actually looks bearish (or at least sideways). In the chart above, it showed COL entering the cloud in the last week of November but failure to break above it triggered its downward movement. COL is now moving sideways, what is interesting to note here though is it seems to be trading now within a rectangle with the demand line (support) at 18.9 and supply line at (resistance) 19.5. However, since Jan 7, 19 seems difficult to break. Having this info on hand would merit a good range trading opportunity. Buying if 19 breaks would suggest a possible sell opportunity at 19.5. Measuring then the width of the rectangle, a break from 19.5 would merit an upside target of 20.1. Also if we use the 11/15/12 candle as reference, potential TP for COL could be 21. Problem with COL is its illiquid, so don’t buy a lot.


COL Financial Group Weekly PSE Stocks


The weekly chart of COL above actually looks more interesting. Notice how COL is actually bullish and finding support at the cloud.


COL Buyer/Seller Transaction for past 3 months (from COL) – Nubla and Solar zero shares sold also check their avg. this could give you an idea of the Supply line.


COL Financial Group Buyer Seller Information PSE Stocks


Suggested Trading Strategy (Momentum) – Buy if 19 breaks, potential TP 19.5, if 19.5 breaks – potential TP 20.1. For me this is the safer strategy

Suggested Trading Strategy (Accumulation) – Buy as close to 18.9 as possible. Cut loss at 18.8


———- End of COL Financial Group INC. ———-


V – Vantage Equities


Vantage Equities PSE Stocks


The next stock I feature would be V or the holding company of Wealth Sec. Indicators for V are actually bullish with price and lagging line both above the cloud. What is also interesting here is that V seems poised to break out of the rounding bottom. Resistance is at 2.47, this means that there are a huge block of share being sold around that price point. But the bids are going up and eventually the sellers would run out of shares, the buyers on the other hand would feel that the price would still go up hence they would not sell. This would help push prices up. Using the rounding bottom as reference, potential TP could be 2.8. However if we use the two candles in October 10 and October 11, it might as well go up as high as 3.


Suggested Trading Strategy (Momentum) – Buy if 2.48 breaks, 2.5 to avoid whipsaws. Potential TP 1 2.8, TP 2 – 3

Suggested Trading Strategy (Accumulation) – Buy close to 2.44, cut at 2.4


Vantage Equities Weekly PSE Stocks


Weekly chart of V is likewise bullish.


Vantage Equities Buyer and Seller Information PSE Stocks


Here is the top buyer/seller for V – pay attention to who the top buyer is, this screenshot taken from COL.


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