I personally want to thank Morgan Linton of Linton Investments for taking the time out of his busy schedule and domaining to give me a call to give an advice. Morgan Linton is an expert domainer, as well as a developer, he is one of the people responsible for giving me direction in my internet business and an inspiration to those who really want to make a living online…

… One thing I really like about the domaining industry is that the experts are approachable, they’re all so down to earth that you feel so welcomed and supported by the industry. I recently contacted Morgan Linton to ask for advice in domaining and development.

I was surprised that he wanted to call me up to advice me on what to do, with all his busy schedule. As my location is in the Philippines and him being in the U.S., I’m sure it somehow costed him some money to call yet he was willing to spend to help me out. As he gave me advice, my path became more clear, I knew more what I needed to do and was happy as well that someone was confirming that I was doing the right thing in domaining and developing.

For some of you who doesn’t know Morgan Linton, he owns the popular blog Domainvestors.TV (one of my daily reads), which blogs about domaining and web development. He also has does videos or podcasts about domaining which have personally helped me a lot during understanding domaining deeper. So make sure to drop by his website to know more about domaining and also make sure to watch his videos.

Thank you again very much Morgan Linton for the really helpful advice, I hope you all the best in domaining and your business.

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