Pay As you want

What a great Online Marketing strategy….. Pay What You Want is a new marketing scheme that is implemented by Ibis Hotel in Singapore (Bencoolen Branch). I’m amazed how Ibis Hotel in Singapore have started this, the marketing team has really done a great job conceptualizing it. So, in a nutshell, users can pay what they want for a room *if* they are the first one to book during the ” Sale Time”. So if you bid $10 first during the sale time, you only pay $10 for the room (Watch out for the countdown clock). But there is another interesting feature …


…Games that could be played, where you act as the “Virtual Hotel Manager”. How the game works is that a user will take control of a ‘Virtual Hotel’ and fills up the rooms with their friends. This is definitely a great idea as it reinforces the brand as the users get to play the game. And the best part of all, users get a chance to win prizes which makes their time playing the game worth while. 


  • Grand Prize: the participant with the highest score will win 4 nights at ibis Singapore on Bencoolen including return tickets to Singapore.
  • Other 9 prizes: runners-up will receive 1 free night at ibis Singapore on Bencoolen.


This is definitely a new bold move, businesses before have entered using other websites (like ebay) as opposed to running their own. However, the effectivity is yet to be proven and therefore is still a risk. Overall, Great innovation and loved the creativity.

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