Pal Zileri Lab


I lived in the UK for around 6 years, I was there studying for my Bachelors and Masters. One of the brands that I came across was Pal Zileri, it seemed like the normal suit shop at first but it wasn’t till I got inside that I noticed that it was absolutely amazing..

Pal Zileri Collection


Pal Zileri


Pal Zileri is divided into 2 brands Pal Zileri and Lab by Pal Zileri, Lab being the more fashionable and more fit type of clothes while Pal Zileri maintains the traditional class and elegance. What I love about this brand is their shirts (I don’t know why but I’m hugely obsessed with men’s shirts), but they offer the best looking classy shirts. Their prices are also somehow mid-priced for the luxury market, and is can be worn casually or formally. If only they were available somehow closer to the Philippines =). If there was one brand that I would always want to wear, that’ll be Pal Zileri.

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