Trader’s Logbook Philippines Stock Market Stocks Worth Watching October 7 – October 11, 2013

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This week we are going to look into AGI which could go up until the resistance level BUT be careful since we have a news about Resorts World operator halves IPO price which might affect the price of AGI. PGOLD on the other hand is breaking the resistance level, talking about the upward channel. For those holding PGOLD, they may hold it for a while until newly found support or a bearish candlestick will appear. Fo those just about to get in, think twice. Third stock to monitor is PIP which is showing indecisive mood on weekly chart after falling big. A test buy near support (refer to weekly chart) would be good. SECB on the other hand is still trying to move past the 140 – 144 resistance zone. I think the bulls will have to rest as it is already exhausted after few days of going up. Lastly, ALI which is slowly coming back from the drop.

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Forex Futures Trading


We never really know what the future will bring. Knowing what will happen next week, a month from now or a few years down the road can, at times be beneficial. It can help us to mend our ways so the projected outcome would be more favorable. Or we could map our lives according to an organized plan so as to utilize each and every moment to its fullest.


forex futures trading Forex Futures Trading


But often, it is better not to know the future. What if the prediction of what will happen to us was not to our liking? What would we do next? How could we change it? What would motivate us to continue to get up in the morning? We would be disheartened and depressed.


For investors, there is nothing better than to be able to predict the outcome of a financial move. Particularly for futures Forex trading, a crystal ball would be a highly valuable commodity. But just like a fortune teller who doesn’t always get it right, trading on Forex futures cannot be dependent on simple predictions.


There are several ways, however, that can be used in order to come out ahead in Forex futures trading. The first step is to choose the best professional broker. See more on Forex brokers. With a plethora of brokers around, this in itself is not often an easy task. Get recommendations from those you trust. Check out each broker on an unbiased broker review site.


The next step is putting in the time to learn and understand the mechanics of Forex trading. Forex may seem simple but it is actually quite complex. Even if you use a broker to choose your trades, it is vital that you comprehend the basics of the investment vehicle. With some knowledge to back you up, you can open a demo account with any online broker. This gives you the opportunity to trade for up to six months with virtual funds. The practice gleaned from this procedure will afford you an easy introduction to real trading once you feel confident enough to do so.


Forex markets are global and are open around the clock 24/5. Transactions are quick and relatively easy. Individuals from the comfort of their homes can place trades through their online account and see the execution within seconds. No need for banks or clearing houses that dominated the industry less than 10 years ago.  There are still some major banking institutions that handle the inter-bank markets, with their own terms and conditions of trading.


Aside from the ease provided by global markets, another advantage of Forex is that there is usually no commission or fee-per-trade involved. It is from the spread between the buyer’s buy and sell prices that the broker makes his money. With futures Forex trading, the investor has time on his side. The trader and the broker agree that the trade will be executed on a particular day with a specified amount of money. The time between when the agreement is made and the time designated for execution allows the trader to monitor and track the market and act accordingly. This also gives the trader an advantage over other traders who are executing spot trades. Forex futures trading is often utilized by business people who are in the process of closing a business deal and so want to acquire additional leverage by investing at the same time.


A trader can choose to place his trades on his own or use the services of a broker. Obviously, when going alone, the full responsibility falls on his shoulders. A broker, on the other hand, can offer a certain amount of guidance and technical knowhow.

Trader’s Logbook Philippines Stock Market Stocks Worth Watching September 23 – 27, 2013


After we have seen some gap ups late last week, some stocks may correct and close the gap before they will continue to move upward, that is, if we have a continuation of the bullish run. More and more stocks are now crossing above the 20-day SMA lines and some even reached 50% Fibonacci Retracement levels. Are we now at that starting line for the uptrend? Stocks we will monitor for possible correction that will give us opportunity to buy are MBT and ALI. ICT on the other hand may give us a good price entry once it hits the support line. COSCO who is knocking on its resistance line with a reward of filling the gap above is worth the risk. MWC has the gap above which is worthy of taking risk as well.

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