domainer taking advantage of redcross websiteAlthough Philippines was badly hit by typhoon Ondoy / Undoy, one of the best thing I’ve seen is that we, Filipinos, are uniting as one. From giving aid to our fellow filipinos, donations, giving relief goods, Filipinos have really stepped up and help our own people whether rich or poor. What really annoys me are the few that are taking advantage of this situation online

…Offline, I’ve heard people stealing people’s things from their flooded homes after they were evacuated. I wouldn’t know much on the offline ways of taking advantage of those in the affected areas, but I do know some that are online that takes advantage of this situation. I was looking for the red cross’s website when I stumbled upon a website that took advantage of this. I typed thinking that it would redirect me or get me to redcross’s website but it took me elsewhere.

screenshot redcross being taken advantage of— The page you’re redirected to, if you visit redcross.COM.PH —

It took me to a parked page which was being monetized by the owner’s name Soon-Ock Song in Korea. As a domainer, there are certain do’s and dont’s, some crossing people’s morality and principles. He’s violated a trademark issue, which red cross should really go after him and he’s violated every Filipino who needs support and help from those people who are likely to donate to redcross online.

redcrossCOMPH taken advantage

— dotPH’s Who Is information —

If Soon-Ock Song is reading this, please redirect your domain name (redcross.COM.PH) to the proper Redcross website ( Typhoon Pepeng is coming along and more Filipinos are going to need more help, so please help out people in need.

The real RedCross URL is:

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