In the Philippines, you’ll find that in our streets there are tons and tons of billboard advertisements. But when you mention domain names, not everyone even have a domain name and the ones that have a website might just be using Multiply website, Blogger or something free. This is what I think…

Billboards are great advertisements, they are seen by thousands or millions of commuters and private cars every single day of their journey. The sizes could range from hundreds of feet to some that are around 5 feet long. It’s easily noticed especially when there’s traffic jams on the road (which happens on a daily basis). It’s priced at roughly around $91,000 a year which is placed in the Prime Metro Manila Locations.

Then you see domain names, it can be seen by thousands or millions of internet users every day whether they’re at work, home, or even when travelling, thanks to Mobile Internet Technology. A website could have one or several pages which give more detailed information about their products or services. It’s priced at around $8 / year (for Global Top Level Domain Names, such as .COM, .NET etc.), and ccTLDs are priced at $35 / year (Country Code Top Level Domain Names, such as .PH, .CN, .US).

billboardvsdomainnameofflineonlinemarketing— Would you go for BillBoards or Domain Names? I’d go with Domain names —

Billboards can “usually” reach more people will less effort than Domain names, it does especially well during times of traffic jam. Where as domain names, don’t usually pick up that fast, SEO and contents must be added before it would pick up over time. However Billboards are way more expensive than domain names, where you could likely acquire more than 11,000 domain names (equivalent to $91,000). The level of interaction of billboards is close to zero, there’s not much for people to see and interact, at the same time, people are only passing by which means there can only a few information they could see. While Domain Name’s websites have a higher level of interaction with people spending more time online and be able to read things clearly as it is displayed in front of them.

If given a larger budget to work around with, I would definitely go for a billboard and domain name at the same time. But if given a choice between the two, I would go for domain names, as it is more effective as more time spent and there is a way for them to interact. I believe the remembrance of the person to a brand is better with interacting with domain names than getting billboards. I think it’s about time people take internet more seriously and realize the power of domain names.

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