Iphone 4 iOS4 reviewI’ve never been such a Mac Fan boy, but I gotta hand it to Apple, I might be turning into one! Aside from owning an Ipod and Macbook pro, my latest addition it the Iphone 4, and I’m really impressed. I bought one just a couple of weeks ago (Yes, I’m late.. I know but hey it’s better than never)

When Iphone 4 first launched, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more. But as the news broke out about the signal issues, I lost interest and thought that it probably wasn’t the right phone for me. I also don’t like touch screens (I do have big hands and it’s difficult to type anything for me on touch screens.

What is it that I really like about Mac and especially Iphone 4? I loved the fact that there are millions of apps out there that is available (not to mention the hundreds or thousands of apps that comes out for free!). The best part about having attracted a lot of developers into their hardware is that they have such a variety of apps that you never thought you needed till you used it. I loved the games especially the stock market games that gets me hooked.

The thing I like about Iphone 4 was the battery life, I used to use my e71 for checking mails and surfing the web but the battery ran out fast (less than an hour and I’m drained) but now I can surf and check mail for more than 3 hours continuously. Also checking emails was a breeze, it integrated well with pop3 mails (Gmail, hotmail, ymail etc.) and provides a user friendly interface.

The down side of it for me is the keyboard (or maybe it’s just me and my big hands), I seem to do a lot of mistyping. What I also didn’t like is the fact that with it’s sensitivity of being dropped and all, the surface is pretty slippery (so you’d need to buy skins that have grip to help you hold onto it).

To buy or not to buy an Iphone 4?

Definitely, a must buy (especially if you’re really techie). You’ll find thousands or millions of apps and new addition every time (with Nokia ovi, I found updates once every 3 months or so). The antenna issue seems to be ok as well, I’ve never encountered any or maybe because I bought a cover recently which probably helps? Whatever it is, it’s working great for me. Now, I probably can put myself in the list of Mac fan boys but what can you do, Steve’s got some really cool and awesome products and owning one has been a great experience (well… so far).

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