My Favorite WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin MaxBlogPress’ Affiliate Ninja

As I dissect Affiliate Marketing into pieces that I can absorb and really focus on, I realized that there’s a need to mask your Affiliate Links to get people clicking. But as I got deeper into open source systems, somehow your mind gets really set on getting things for free. But as Affiliate Marketing got more complicated I realized I needed a system to help me out. So I purchased MaxBlogPress Affiliate Ninja

… Choosing WordPress as a platform was great lots of freebies, and when I needed Affiliate Link Maskers, there was WP-Affiliate and GoCodes. WP-Affiliate was my favorite until it stopped working as WordPress upgraded its version. GoCodes was the substitute, it did the job really well but you’d have to manually insert the links.

Affiliate NInja Admin ScreenShot– Screenshot of the admin screen of Affiliate Ninja

MaxBlogPress Affiliate Ninja was something I’ve seen being promoted by Affiliate Marketing Expert, John Chow, I wanted it but open source mentality stopped me. But as I’m trying to quicken my development of Affiliate Marketing websites, I realized that there’s a need for me to automate Link masking and Link insertion and that’s what Affiliate Ninja does.

Here are some features that I like about Affiliate Ninja:

  • Automatically turn selected keywords in every page into a affiliate link
  • Links are automatically masked
  • You could limit as to how many are converted into links per page
  • Add NoFollow to links automatically, and search engines won’t penalize you for that.
  • Affiliate Link Management
  • Edit a whole lot of links in one click!

I love it, it’s money well spent for me. I was able to save so much time in adding links to my contents. There’s only one feature that I’ve emailed support about not working is the status bar, it’s supposed to be able to change the status of the status bar when you hover on the link. So basically I could change the status to whatever text that I want! I would love to have that feature, but I’m still waiting for it to be answered.

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