I’ve been busy with some developments recently, I’ve started focusing my attention on providing quality services that help Marketing on the Internet for your business. This is where a lot of businesses fail, not because it’s difficult or ineffective but their methods might not be effective. So this is why I feel that my knowledge on this matter could certainly help lots of businesses achieve better with our new website GangVentures.


There are only 3 things you really need to worry about when Marketing on the Internet for your Business:

  1. Your Website – We’ve discussed this in the previous post, Read More here
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)


The main thing that you need to know about your website is that it’s the most important thing in the whole campaign so make sure to focus on it well. But since websites are discussed in the previous post, we’ll be discussing the last 2 points, SEO and Social Media.


Marketing on the Internet for your Business


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Services

I’m talking about “offsite” SEO, which means link building on outside websites. So I researched and tried some methods on my own websites and found which ones really works in link building. The idea is to build as many high quality authority back links to your website. But it can be tedious and repetitive so we decided to provide these services to others to experience success in SEO too. These are the methods we recommend:

  • Ultimate SERP Package – This is the ultimate link building solution where we diversify the links to many different high PR blogs and build another tier of links which boost the links to your main website. We have more info in the website.
  • Manual Directory Submission – Submitting your website to authority online directories can get you major SEO points.
  • Manual Social Bookmarking – Submitting your website to authority social bookmarking websites.
  • Website Traffic – Boosting your website traffic by sending traffic over to your website, you can even choose where they come from and what they search for.
  • Google Places Citation – This is most important, these days when searching for businesses, Google Places is the top results. So for businesses you’d need to list and rank better than your competitors.

Always remember to always diversify the keywords you build your links on and also diversify websites where you place them.


SMM (Social Media Marketing) Social media marketing

Social Media is not only great as ways to market your business, it is also used by Search Engines for ranking purposes. The more that your website or link is socially shared, the more importance they place on your website thus better rankings (called Social Signals). So the more interaction and shares you get, the better you become.


Here are the websites you should focus on promoting on (note: List is NOT in order of importance):


Since your goal is to promote interaction, here are some ways you can do it:

  • Posting of interesting contents
  • Sharing your Blog Posts / Picture / Videos
  • Running Contests
  • Asking Questions / Polls (e.g. Which burger do you like most?) • Commenting / Interacting with other accounts
  • Advertising


To help you push your Pages or Accounts further, we have Social Media Services which will help you add likes, fans, followers or views. This is simply to help you get big numbers on your social media profiles to encourage more likes. Imagine visiting a page with 5 fans and a page with 500 fans? Also, when you enter a page with 5 fans, wouldn’t you be wondering why and probably not like it too? Focus on it and get traffic and leads to your website and better ranking for your fanpage or account on Search Engines.


We are also giving away our free ebook on “The Keys to Effective Online Marketing“. You can download it free by clicking on the link or the image below.

The Keys to Effective Online Marketing

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