Mark Zuckerburg I'm CEO Bitch


Mark Zuckerburg has been in the spotlight for creating Facebook, but when the movie Social Network was released, he became more famous than ever. Everyone scrutinizing every detail of what he does, what he owns and anything else about him. One of the recent fiasco is his business card, the one that says “I’m CEO, Bitch”.


It was during the movie that Sean Parker (played by Justing Timberlake) said to Mark, that one day you’re going to hand your business card with the word “I’m CEO, Bitch”. TechCrunch had a really interesting article on this and has confirmed that it actually existed. What’s interesting is that it was “supposedly” Mark’s favorite word to say and was inspired by the aggressive style of Steve Jobs.


Check out the video below, and if you wanted to hear where Sean Parker told him about that phrase, move the slider to 2:23.


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