make the most ofsmall hosting free email address expansionTo most of the Small companies / businesses, websites and web hosting is an added expense that they want to save on. And as their websites only require a small space without any interaction, they only need a small web hosting. However, the problem is their emails, which have a very small space and gets filled up very fast. So for companies or individuals who want to use their own email address domain name, here’s how you can make the most of it…

… Normally companies or individuals who have no clue about websites outsource the development to web developing companies or freelancers. What I noticed is that it usually comes with a package that already includes the web hosting and domain name. And because their website is usually static, it only needs a small web hosting space. So the email space becomes very limited and emails sent to them bounces.

My solution is not straight forward as I’m proposing in linking it to a third party providers like gmail. Here’s how:


expand email with gmail

  1. Sign up for a Gmail account
  2. Click on settings (top right of the screen)
  3. Click on Accounts & Imports (2nd tab)
  4. On the ‘Send Email As’, click ‘Send mail with Another Address
  5. Choose ‘Send through Gmail‘, and ‘send verification’.
  6. Save and confirm the email of Gmail to your email and click the confirmation link
  7. Your accounts are now linked, you can then store all the emails in the Gmail account

The advantage of doing is that your email becomes limited to Google’s limitations (which is around 7 GB which is too big for you to fill up). You can send (‘Send as’ feature) or access all your emails in your Gmail account and don’t really need to login to your old account. So if you’re really cutting back on expenses I recommend doing this to maximize your limited email account.

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