As a lot of people know that domainers make money thru buying and selling of domain names, however as to how they make the money is a whole new topic. I’ve been researching and finding different ways on making money, and I’ve singled out 2 ways as to how this can be achieved, which are Volume selling or selling developed domain names.

Selling in Volume or Bulk is a great and easy way to monetize domain names, what you’d have to do is to:


— Imagine selling a large size empty land —

  1. Research for Hot keywords
  2. Bulk Register domain names
  3. List them up in domain name auctions
  4. Sell them less than $100

Elliots Silver of Elliots Blog has made a very interesting experiment, where he did the following steps. His experiment was to get 1000% Profit from Bulk Register and Sale:


Registered 204 domain names X $8 per domain name = $1,550.40 (Bulk discounts)


Sold each domain name at $80 X 70 – 80 domain names sold = $5,849


Minus other costs involved (e.g. auction’s commission), Net Profit of $4,298.60

I was very very impressed with the results, and the most interesting part of this experiment is the fact that it only took him 2 hours to make this much money. And he was left with 110 more domain names to sell, which could be added later on to make 1000% profit or more. His secret? it’s all about buyer habits, find out what keywords (or related) have high demands. This just proves that there is money in volume selling, less time is needed but the margins are low.

Selling Developed domain names is another great way of making good money online. I’ve written about it flipping / selling developed domain names and here’s a general guide in doing so: (More articles here on Why develop domain names)

sellingdevelopeddomainnames— Imagine selling one of those buildings in the developed city —

  1. Register or buy (aftermarket) a domain name
  2. Develop, develop, develop
  3. Get traffic and activities going
  4. Resell at a higher value

With this approach, you’re more focused into the development of the domain name. More time and potentially some money is required to get more out of it. You’d have to build up traffic in order to increase revenues which increases the total value of the website. It’s not the easiest approach as it could be worthless to others even after the development, however, if done right or with high traffic, it could be a good money maker.

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