One of the topics that I don’t particularly enjoy doing is SEO, and as I get back to Internet Marketing (IM), I have to start learning SEO. Learning SEO basics is the first step and I intend to break into it and hopefully be able to rank my websites high on Google. So far I’m seeing some success and I’m quite happy about it the SEO results…

Learning SEO


Recently, Google updated algorithms and called it with animal names (Panda, Penguin, Dolphin etc..), and I can’t even keep track of all the names. I believe they’ve started to crack down on crappy websites that have nothing to offer. What’s important is to keep everything white hat SEO on these times to avoid being slapped by Google.


There are plenty of places to learn SEO online free, one of my favorite is BlackHatWorld (despite the name, people there are nice and very helpful, trust me). Some are even nice enough to publish their Step by step SEO guide, so that’s where I took all my ideas and procedures on my SEO ways.


Here’s my SEO Checklist:

  • Contents, Contents, Contents. I couldn’t believe how much long tail keyword I was getting because of quality articles that I wrote myself.
  • Onsite SEO. I optimize my articles and website to make sure that it gets high onsite SEO points.
  • Diversification of Link Building
    • Going after Link building via Fiverr, they offer cheap SEO services. But do make sure that they’re quality (check ratings, feedbacks, and ask the seller if you need more info), there are a lot of crap ones too (it’s $5 only, so it becomes harder to find good ones).
    • Blackhatworld has a lot of great SEO services that can make your website go up to page 1 fast without being hit by Google Hammer. Do check out the services they offer there.


learning seo SERP

Training SEO

I have failed on one website, as I did too much SEO, my main keyword got pushed to 200+ (penalty) and I have to slowly regain Google’s SERP. I’ve learned a lot so now I’m applying it to other websites. On the other website, I’ve managed to push things up, getting it up to first page (#4) in just 2 weeks! It was done with all white hat SEO and I believe Google does reward Good work. But do take note that SEO practices do change every now and again as Google updates its algorithm, so there’s really not a universal SEO checklist.


I never liked SEO from the beginning, I thought I should focus on my website and build it the perfect way I can. But now I realize the importance, good content is never enough, what’s important is to also get the search engines on your side so people can find you (it’s like opening a shop in the middle of nowhere, if people can’t find you, even if you sell the best products ever, no one will see or buy it). There are plenty of websites that allow you to learn SEO online free, so don’t waste your time just focusing on your website learn search engine optimization now.

What’s your SEO Best Practices Checklist?

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