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izone ihub

I was invited to one of the tech events, and this was one of the first events that I didn’t know what the event was for (or it did sound like it’s too good to be true). This event was the launching of iZone iHub, an event where techies can meet and collaborate on different internet projects. Why is it the place to be for Technopreneurs you ask, well read on and you’ll find out.


izone ihub


It is a big office (with workstations, bean bags and free coffee or tea) situated in a penthouse in a prestigious Ortigas address, and at first seemed like a normal office space (except it was setup for party for the launching night). There were plenty of people in the room, all that seemed to have come from a techy background (not the looks but I knew that from the invite lol). Then I was surprised when their Chairman arrived, Mr. Daniel Pena. You can read more about his numerous success in a lot of fields here, an amazing story if you ask me.


iZone iHub – Collaborate, Get an Investor, and Free Office!

Daniel Pena (Dan Pena) started to explain what iZone iHub is all about, it is a place where technopreneurs can come and work on their own projects for FREE (you heard that right, that’s YOUR own project). You can come to their office and work there, it’s open 24/7 so you can come anytime of the day. Anyone is welcome to come, except that the condition is that you work on your projects (not for facebook and definitely not porn!). As they say nothing is FREE, so what’s the catch? Dan Pena said there’s none, but he went on to explain that he wanted to give back to the community and that his firm would like to produce great internet projects that they could invest on (as long as you got a great project that is profitable). As a matter of fact, he can even become your investor for the project, aside from the funding and resources he’ll provide, what’s really valuable here is his experience and network which would surely bring any startup up the limelight. So a place to work and a very experienced investor (who’s done it all and earned millions doing it) waiting to help your project, common guys, you really got to be there.


But that’s not all, here’s the really cool part about iZone iHub, aside from getting the free office space and an investor for your project. iZone iHub is also a place to find co-founders to your startup! So if you’re looking for willing techy partners, this might be the place. They have billboards where they post about iZone iHub people and their skills.


If you wish to visit iZone iHub, their address is located at Unit No.12 A ( Penthouse )  Agustin 1 Building, No. 28 F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Business Center Pasig City 1605. You can also visit their website here.


So who wants to collaborate on a new project at iZone iHub?

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