Filipino Domainer King.netWhen the word Domaining or Domainer is mentioned here in the Philippines, you’d either be some weird IT guy or a cyber squatter. Filipino Domainers are somehow hard to find and only a few exists (or contacts me), so what we want as Filipino Domainers are to raise awareness about what we do and to show that there are opportunities in this field. I had the opportunity to interview Emil of King.NET, one of the great Filipino Domaining Figures in the industry:

Filipino Domainer

So Emil, How did you get into Domaining?

My profession in IT consulting. I’m a Consultant back home doing network and security for International consulting firm in Makati. When I started travelling abroad, I had noticed extreme increased in online activities, started buying domain names, and more outside of dot com. Though I highly recommend to other EntrePinoyship (don’t check the domain name, it’s taken) to start in dot com investment. When they understand the business, then start to branch out with other extensions e.g. .net .org .info .biz .us .etc and, diversify in web consulting, designs, buy and sell.

How’s your experiences in Domaining?

I started domaining as a hobby, it’s fun and slowly transition to a full-time business. Of course in every business there’s up and down, you just need to know when to minimize your losses.

How well have you made money off Domains?

It’s not polite to discuss in details. Let’s put it this way. I have an excellent yearly bonus. My domain names are self-sufficient and will use them for my early retirement. I hope this help. Let me know if you have other questions.

What advise would you give for a newbie domainer?

I recommend to start in dot com domain names, and find your niche. For example, real estate or travel related domain names. Simply because you can get advertisers from local travel agency, good PPC rate, and lots of affiliate programs in this industry.

Do you buy or sell domains? Or Buy and Develop Domains?

I mostly buy and develop to a simple cms website to establish traffic. I sell some domains to generate funds for a new project or for a family vacation.

Which Domain Extensions would you recommend?

For newbie, start with dot com but if you have a local target .PH should be ok. Over crowded na kasi ang dot com (Dot Com’s over crowded).

—- End of Interview —-

Thank you so much Emil for the Interview opportunity, I hope that it could help people start their way into Domaining. Check out Emil’s website at

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