Infectonator World Domination Online Game Developing websites lately have been quite tiring, you do get to a point where you just got to relax and take a break. When I do get a short break, I do try to amuse myself with the short mini games available online. One of the latest game that I found interesting is called Infectonator: World Domination. The game is basically about you infecting the world (3 continents) with zombies, what’s real fun about it is that I get to infect the Philippines with zombies! (LOL!) It’s currently one of the most popular game online, I had fun playing it so I thought that I wanted to share it.

I first saw it in Kongregate, and just clicked on it to see what it is. At first, it really looked very basic and old. The graphics just looked like a game that was programmed in DOS. But I gave it a go as it does have a good rating and I have time to spare. Here’s how the game looks like:

infectonator world domination online game

— Infectonator World Domination Screenshot —


The objective is simple, you just got to spread the zombie virus and kill everyone to destroy each town. The goal is to spread the virus to the whole world. You get to upgrade your different weapons and your zombies. What’s really cool is that you get to have “special characters” in the game, you get to have “Tank” (from Left 4 dead), “Venom” (Spiderman), “Boomer” (Left 4 Dead), “Michael Jackson” (Zombie version), “Col. Sanders” (Kentucky Fried Chicken), and “Ronald McDonald” (McDonalds Fastfood). Each special zombie has its own specialty and their specialties are just hilarious, each directly linking them to their character. Like Col. Sanders sends out zombie chickens that attacks people LOL!

infectonator game online world domination

— Infectonator World Domination Screenshot 2 —


I was able to infect the Philippines with Zombies in a few days (LOL!), it was fun and there were dialogue boxes in Tagalog that were just funny to see. I was able to finish the game in 144 days, a bit slow but it was damn fun to do. I recommend you to try this game, it can really kill your time but make sure to know when to stop otherwise you’ll end up playing it for hours (Believe me…). Once you do finish, do let me know how many days you were able to finish the game. You can play the game by clicking this link: Infectonator: World Domination.

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