Sakshat Tablet India


As technology becomes more advanced, things do get cheaper. India is one of the best example, an indian government project, Sakshat (Tablet), is set to be shipped this June and to international countries in the next four months. It’s amazing how they were able to lower their prices down and be able to help lots of consumers to own a tablet. has reported that this device was actually delayed for 6 months, but the best part is that the price is $35 per unit (as the indian government would subsidize 50% of the cost). For international, we do kind of expect the tablet to cost roughly $50 per unit.


Sakshat Tablet India


Here’s the Sakshat tablet specs:

  • Android OS
  • 7″ touch screen
  • 2 USB ports
  • 32GB Hard drive
  • 2GB RAM
  • Camera
  • Sim Card
  • Video Out


Can you imagine a tablet costing only $50 that has 32GB Harddrive and 2 GB RAM? I never thought it was already possible and I’m shocked and happy that it is. This means internet will become more accessible and more people are going to go online. The question is How fast can the device go? It would be an interesting battle between India’s Sakshat Tablet vs China’s MyPad (iPad clone, with Android OS @ $100).


Watch this video about this cool new tablet:


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