Increased my Google Adsense CTR to 4% overall on all websites / minisites

increase-google-adsense-ctrI’ve been playing around with Google Adsense Ads in man different ways to find the best way to increase my Google Adsense CTR. There has been many techniques that experts say are the best ways, there’s ad placement and using different ad sizes. But lately all I’ve done is using different ad types and design

… I’ve mentioned in my posts before about different ways to increase CTR (here and here), and lately I’ve simply focused on using Link Ad units and the way they could be designed to increase your CTR. I believe Link Ad units do perform better when they’re designed in a way that it blends in with the website design.

So how can I increase my Google Adsense CTR?

There’s no such thing as a sure shot formula that would work from one website to another but it really comes down to how you designed your website. Take for example FunnyVideo.PH, what I did was to design 2 link ad units and blended it with the design:

Funny-video-screenshot– Funny Video ScreenShot –

Now if you look at the design of the link units, I was able to hide the word Ads by Google, not literally, but in a design manner (Adding a background color to the top) that people could usually ignore. So I’m left with the Links in the ad that looks like normal links to visitors. It’s more likely for them to click on it, which as I’ve discovered increased my overall CTR from 2% to 4% (this is considering I haven’t redesigned all my websites’ ads yet and only did this to a few of them).

Some techniques that I found was quite effective is when you do have a small sidebar, link ad units could be placed to mimic the page navigation. People click on it thinking that it is navigation. Or if you do have some header space you could use the widest link ad unit and place it on the header as navigation.

What’s great about link ad units is that its not so blatant about being an ad, I mean if you’re interested with the keyword you’re more likely to think that it is a link given by the website. Try it out and let me know how it works out for you, Goodluck!

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  1. Excellent blending of ad units. I like the way you have blended the ‘Ad by Google’ in the screenshot in a way that our eyes will usually ignore. Why the heck I did not think of that before?

    Great article!

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