Internet EntrepreneurshipIt’s really been a great experience of being a student in the world of internet entrepreneurship, it’s difficult, challenging and a hell of a lot of work but it sure is fun! I went from a website developer, to a blogger, to a domainer, to a affiliate marketer and online marketer, but the most important part of learning in all this is that I know who I am. And I am a developer of websites, this is who I am and what I will be doing in the future.

Have I lost a lot of money doing so? Hell yeah! I did, but I believe it’s a good amount to pay to learn about yourself and what you really want to do in life. In whatever business, be it being online, knowing yourself is probably the most important thing you need to know to really become successful. Successful entrepreneurs know themselves what their capabilities are and most importantly what they can and want to do.

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Website Developer

As a website developer, I started outsourcing for clients, however I realized that it’s not me it’s not who I am or what I want to be. Is outsourcing a lucrative business? Maybe it is, but because my passion and interest was not there, I don’t think I have done a really good job about it. I have seen and heard a lot of success stories on it but it’s just not me.


I think I have done great here, although the benefit is not monetary, it was more of learning and recording what I do.  Also my developing skills with WordPress has been better, I’ve learned so much in developing in the past year than my learning in University in programming (LOL!). I have earned money thru it and am learning more each day as to the business aspect of it. I’m currently learning more on this and hopefully it could become a lucrative business.


I was really excited on this opportunity, it felt really like buying properties. Somehow there’s always a vision of the property’s value increasing that makes you feel that it’s must be a big thing to be in. I have learned so much on this especially on the SEO aspect of domains. I understood the power and use of domains in a project and I’ve learned to respect brands by just their domains.

Affiliate marketer and Online marketing

I don’t really earn much as an affiliate marketer, I earn a few bucks here and there but nothing really major. My first impression was that you build a niche website and traffic will come and so does the money. However, it was not so and building a website for it is really tricky and is a whole new different ballgame. I realized that it isn’t me and what I want to build is something people will stay longer in and have value for the user (aside from the offer of course).

My direction now is to focus on focusing on a few specific websites with just one website focused on building. I think to really make money, I do have to think beyond the money and focus on building great websites with a good potential in monetizing. I hope to find my own lucky break soon =)

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