The problem I had in 2009 was that you hear different sales stories on how one domain was sold for millions and thought that if I buy this domain it could be at least worth thousands in someone’s eyes. I was just wrong, so this year my focus is to completely stop buying domains and focus on developing

… Sometimes you simply cannot help it, I normally start thinking about the opportunity on a certain topic. Then I go Google Keyword Tool and register the domain at GoDaddy. It was something that I do to relax but it was simply distracting me from what I should’ve been doing all along which is to develop.

— Develop Domains —

It wasn’t the money that really hurt my business but really the time I spent looking for these keywords, all the research and checking on availability. I was able to accumulate a huge number of domains and its now sitting on parking with little revenues. This year, my focus is to completely block myself out of buying or registering domains and developing what I have first. I’ve made my mistakes and now its time to correct and start developing.

It has been tough to really block myself out of the trends and start investing in them, but that should help me out in the long term to focus and really get me on the developing frenzy.

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